Solo discography

"How To Live In Small Spaces"

Brocoli, 2015, 4 tracks
LP, CD, Download  

This full length opus is a quiet suite of four long, instrumental pieces composed for dance shows: two for piano, two for electronics. more

Sylvain Chauveau - How To Live In Small Places

"Far From Any Road / Ichi"

I Will Play This Song Once Again Records, 2014, 2 tracks
CDR / 7"   

2 tracks re-recorded for every buyer. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Far from Any Road / Ichi


Brocoli, 2013, 6 tracks
LP / CD / Download   

Kogetsudai is Sylvain Chauveau's tenth solo record, the second of a trilogy initiated by Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) (2010), where the song structure is dismantled and reconstructed on the fringe of silence. Like the second verse of a haiku poem. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Kogetsudai

"Simple (Rare and unreleased pieces 1998-2010)"

130701 / FatCat, 2012, 18 tracks
CD / Download   

Simple’ is a selection of works for cinema, composed between 1998-2010. A diverse, yet fully cohesive collection of out-of-print, rare, and unreleased tracks, the album spans stark / minimal electronic drones, processed guitar explorations, variously-sized Chamber pieces, spare solo piano, and two 40-piece string orchestra recordings. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Simple


Flau, 2012, 7 tracks
CD / Download   

"I've been remixing songs by other artists since 2001 and it's something I always like to do. This year, in collaboration with the Flau label, I've decided to compile my favourite remixes and to release them on one CD. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Abstractions

"Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated)"

Type, 2010, 7 tracks
LP / CD / Download   

This 47 minutes piano piece is an attempt to place spare notes or chords in the right sonic space with depth and retraint. "Touching Down Lightly" was recorded and mixed by John McEntire in Chicago. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Singular Forms

"Touching Down Lightly"

Creative Sources, 2009, 1 track

This 47 minutes piano piece is an attempt to place spare notes or chords in the right sonic space with depth and retraint. "Touching Down Lightly" was recorded and mixed by John McEntire in Chicago. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Touching Down



Type, 2007, 19 tracks
CD / LP (out of print) / Download  

Music for Sébastien Betbeder's films "Nuage" and "Les Mains d'Andréa". This release rests its focus on largely untreated works for a small ensemble including viola, cellos and piano, and some electric guitar performance. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Nuage


Type, 2007, 5 tracks
CD / EP / Download  

"S." sees Chauveau taking a daring new direction since his last record, the breathtaking and lushly orchestrated set of Depeche Mode covers "Down to the Bone", and moving away from the haunting strings and piano work of his best known works he has stepped into the world of minimal electroacoustics. more

Sylvain Chauveau - S

"Down to the Bone" (An Acoustic Tribute to Depeche Mode)

Ici d'Ailleurs, 11 tracks, 2015 (originally: DSA, 2005), 11 tracks
LP, CD, Download  

Eight years of epic creation, fourteen musicians involved, the fifth solo record from Chauveau is a cover record of Depeche Mode songs in chamber music. It’s also the one where Chauveau comes back to the vocals and gives a name to his team of collaborators : ensemble Nocturne, like Nick Cave has his Bad Seeds, or Pascal Comelade his Bel Canto Orquestra. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Down To The Bone

"Des Plumes dans la Tête"

Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier, 2004, 22 tracks
CD / Download  

Those chamber music short pieces were composed for the original soundtrack to the film "Des Plumes dans la Tête" (Feathers in my Head) by Belgian director Thomas de Thier. The album is a selection of compositions featuring in the movie, with the addition of pieces that were not kept in the final cut. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Des plumes dans la tête

"Un Autre Décembre"

130701/Fatcat, 2003, 12 tracks

This short-length record is Chauveau’s contribution to the famous english label FatCat (Sigur Ros, Mum...). "Un Autre Décembre" was one of the first releases on the label’s modern classical imprint 130701, which became later the home of Max Richter and Hauschka. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Un autre décembre

"Nocturne Impalpable"

Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier , 2001, 19 tracks

Melodic, quiet chamber music mixed with sparse electronic sounds: "Nocturne Impalpable" was Chauveau's manifesto. The result allowed him to be discovered by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Christian Fennesz, and BBC’s John Peel. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Nocturne impalpable

"The Black Book of Capitalism"

Type, 2008 (originally: Noise Museum, 2000 / re-issue DSA, 2002), 13 tracks
CD / LP / Download  

First solo album for Chauveau, with three main ideas: to stay as close as possible to the abstract beauty of "silence’"; to make sure that each sound committed is absolutely necessary; and to find his own roots within his cultural and personal history. more

Sylvain Chauveau - Le livre noir du capitalisme

Collaboration discography

Sylvain Chauveau also plays with Arca (with Joan Cambon, avant-rock band), 
0 (experimental music ensemble, with Joël Merah and Stéphane Garin) and On (with percussionist Steven Hess, minimal improvised music). more