"The Black Book of Capitalism"

Type, 2008 (originally: Noise Museum, 2000 / re-issue DSA, 2002), 13 tracks
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Remastered re-issue of 2000's debut album "Le Livre Noir du Capitalisme" with a new packaging. First vinyl edition (limited to 400 copies) with a slightly different oreder in the tracklisting.
After several years singing and playing guitar in French rock bands, Chauveau decided to quit in 1998 and to start a solo project with three main ideas: to stay as close as possible to the abstract beauty of "silence"; to make sure that each sound committed is absolutely necessary; and to find his own roots within his cultural and personal history.
The latter has lead him to the quest for a truly modern French music – a music whose trajectory stretches from early 20th century chamber music composers (Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Erik Satie, Gabriel Fauré, etc.), through the discoveries of mid-century "musique concrète" and the electro-acoustic school (Pierre Henry, Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani, etc.), and emerging through punk-rock spirit and a pop culture embracing short, simple and melodic works. 

Musicians: Joan Cambon (recording, mix, bass), Myriam Rigaill (piano, arrangement), Frédéric Luneau (recording, mix),Olivier Cavaillé (cello, arrangement), Syren Gomez (voice), Benoît Génot (viola), Serge Turc (text and voice), Fabien Magni (accordion, arrangement), Franck Alix (voice) and Sylvain Chauveau (composition, keyboard, production)

Anne-Marie Paquotte / Télérama / France / 2000

"Splendid score." (fff)

Ludovic Perrin / Libération / France / 2000

"This first album has been unfairly ignored."

JD Beauvallet / Les Inrockuptibles / France / 200

"Le Livre noir du capitalisme must be read at dawn, lying on a cloud."

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Sylvain Chauveau - Le livre Noir du Capitalisme

01. Et Peu à Peu les Flots Respiraient comme on Pleure
02. JLG
03. Hurlements en Faveur de Serge T.
04. Le Marin Rejeté par la Mer
05. Dernière Etape avant
le Silence 
06. Dialogues avec le Vent
07. Ses Mains Tremblent Encore
08. Ma Contribution à l'Industrie Phonographique
09. Géographie Intime
10. Je Suis Vivant et Vous Etes Morts
11. Mon Royaume
12. Potlatch (1971-1999)
13. Un Souffle Remua la Nuit