"Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated)"

Type, 2010, 7 tracks
LP / CD / Download 

In many ways, 'Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated') is constructed the way albums used to be – it is compact and filled with vocal hooks and melodies, yet Sylvain Chauveau has deconstructed the musical forms he grew up listening to and reduced them to their base level. Vocal snippets fall through the stereo field and his signature piano motifs splutter and cough through processed digital hiccups.
As some electronic musicians have lately deconstructed classical music, Sylvain attempts here to study and dissolve the roots of popular music. Each piece feels like it could have started as a three-minute pop sing-along before the accompaniments were stripped away and the component parts reduced to merely a backbone. The widescreen theatrics of Sylvain's previous work have all but disappeared, leaving an album rooted in a love of art and music, both minimal and mainstream.

Words and music by Sylvain Chauveau, except "The Unbroken Line" and "Slowburner (With Stillness)" (words: Sylvain Chauveau, music: Pierre Gérard / Sylvain Chauveau).
Personnel: Rasim Biyikli (piano), Pierre Gérard (electronics on 3, 5), Pierre-Yves Macé (additonal sounds and processing on 1, 2, 6, 7), Stephen Fiehn (prepared guitar), Steven Hess (percussion, electronics), Aurélien Besnard (clarinets), Patrice Soletti (guitar), Joseph Mills (oscillators), Sylvain Chauveau (vocals, piano on 2, 4, glockenspiel, electronics, prepared guitar).
Recorded in Chicago (by Sam Dellaria), Montpellier (at Studio Lakanal), Alfortville (at La Muse en Circuit), Toulouse (at CDM) and Liège (by Pierre Gérard) in 2007 and 2008. Mixed by Pierre-Yves Macé. Mastering by David Mascunan at Mix & Mastering Labs. Published by Metisse Music.

AllMusic.com / USA / 2010

“All his projects were leading up to this solo album. This is one marvelously understated record.”

The Wire / UK / 2010

“A deconstruction of pop music idioms.”

PopMatters.com / USA / 2010

“This is music where the power sits in the silence between the soft notes and the even softer notes.”

IglooMag.com / USA / 2010

“Chauveau's vocals have evolved and matured further.”

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Sylvain Chauveau - Touching Down Lightly

01. From Stone To Cloud  
02. Show The Clear And Lonely Way  
03. The Unbroken Line  
04. Complexity Of the Simple 
05. Slowburner (With Stillness)
06. To A Cloud Of Dust  
07. I Ascended