"Un Autre Décembre"

130701/Fatcat, 2003, 12 tracks

This short-length record is Chauveau’s contribution to the famous english label FatCat (Sigur Ros, Mum...). “Un Autre Décembre” was one of the first releases on the label’s modern classical imprint 130701, which later became the home of Max Richter and Hauschka.
Inspired by the straight aesthetics of director Robert Bresson, Sylvain Chauveau gave up for a while his usual string arrangements to focus further on the core of his music: very quiet, slow piano notes, discreet electronic abstractions. Only the essential.

Composed and performed by Sylvain Chauveau
Accordion on "Granulation 4" by Vincent Pouplard
Mixed and mastering by David Mascunan
Produced by Sylvain Chauveau

Mojo / UK / 2003 

"All the more remarkable."

Julian Colwley / The Wire / UK / 2003

"Uncomplicated piano chords and phrases, repeated slowly, hang in the air and charm." 

Go Mag / Spain / 2003  

“The biggest, most memorable and extremely moving twenty minutes of the time.”

BBC online / UK / 2003   

"Reflective, peaceful, each note contemplated with care."

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Sylvain Chauveau - Un Autre Décembre

01. Minéral  
02. Sous tes Yeux Probablement
03. Granulation 1
04. Neuf Cents Lunes
05. Alors la Lumière Vacille
06. Granulation 2
07. Il Fait Nuit Noire à Berlin
08. La Lettre qu'il n'Envoya
09. Granulation 3
10. Un Autre Décembre
11. Granulation 4
12. Du Rêve dans les Yeux