Type, 2007, 5 tracks
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Since his 2000 debut “Le Livre Noir du Capitalisme“ Sylvain Chauveau has been a pioneering figure in the world of modern classical/electronic music. “S. “ sees Chauveau taking a daring new direction since his last record the breathtaking and lushly orchestrated set of Depeche Mode covers “Down to the Bone“, and moving away from the haunting strings and piano work of his best known works he has stepped into the world of minimal electro acoustics.
The first track “Composition 8“ probably best illustrates this move with its expertly processed prepared guitar drones. This piece is expertly balanced however against the second track, simply titled “P. “ which has Chauveau again caressing the ivories, but using the notes (and the space between the notes) to dictate something extremely minimal. Elsewhere we hear Chauveau’s take on glacial digital minimalism with the epic electronic piece “E/R“ and more delicate piano experimentations before we are brought to a satisfying and subtle close with the gritty, slow burning ambience of “A_“. All in all this is possibly the most thoughtful and unusual selection of tracks Chauveau has ever set his name to.

All pieces composed for the dance show "Au Nombre des Choses" (“A Thing Among Things“) by Compagnie Mi-Octobre / Serge Ricci
Composed and performed by Sylvain Chauveau (electric guitar, piano, electronics, vocal), 2005-2007
Produced by Compagnie Mi-Octobre / Serge Ricci
Recorded and mixed by Pierre-Yves Macé in Paris
Reworked with Sylvain Closier in Toulouse
Final layout with Geoffroy Montel in Paris
Mastering by Lupo at D&M Berlin
Cover artwork by Kabegami

Brainwashed / USA / 2007

“A fascinating selection of tracks that have made me want to dig more into Chauveau's discography.”

The Wire / UK / 2007

“A bed of softly dying tones.”

Flagpole /USA / 2007

“The EP is, quite simply, one of the best collections of electro-acoustic minimalism.”

Foxy Digitalis / USA / 2007


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Sylvain Chauveau - Nuage

01. Composition 8
02. P.
03. E/R
04. N
05. A_