Collaboration discography

"Butterfly In The Snowfall" with Butterfly in the Snowfall

Home Normal, 2014, 5 tracks full-length album
CD  / Download  

Butterfly in the Snowfall is Vanina Andréani (violin, kalimba, juno), Sylvain Chauveau (vocals, harmonium, rhodes) , Cyril Secq (guitars & bowed guitars, juno, rhodes)
and Guillaume Wickel (clarinet, bass clarinet, metallophone).
This comes in a new 4 panel thick card package designed by Christian Roth and Ian Hawgood, in an edition of 500.
CD edition Includes unlimited streaming of Butterfly in the Snowfall via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Butterfly in the Snowfall - Butterfly in the Snowfall

"Soñando" with 0

Matamore, 2014, 7 tracks

Composed and performed by Joël Merah (acoustic guitar), Stéphane Garin (percussion) and Sylvain Chauveau (acoustic guitar, glockenspiel). Recorded and mixed by Joël Merah.
LP edition includes unlimited streaming of Soñando via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

0 - Soñando

"Palimpsest" with Stephan Mathieu

Schwebung, 2012, 8 tracks
LP  / Download  

Cover versions of Smog songs on Stephan Mathieu's compositions. Featuring I Break Horses, Wild Love, Chosen One, Palimpsest, Your Wedding, Prince Alone in the Studio and more. Sylvain Chauveau: vocals / Stephan Mathieu: viols, piano, french horn, cymbals, Farfisa organ, radio, processing. LP sold with 24Bit download code. Limited run of 500 copies only.

Sylvain Chauveau & Stephan Mathieu - Palimpsest

"17'16 for Morris Louis" with 0

Chat Blanc Records, 2012, 18 tracks
3" CD / Download  

A suite of ultra-short acoustic and electronic compositions by the 0 collective, inspired by the work of American painter Morris Louis. Assembled and mixed by Sylvain Chauveau, also featuring JF Brohée, Maxime Bodson, Stéphane Garin, Maxime Lê Hùng and Joël Merah.

0 - 17'16 for Morris Louis

"By" with Arca

Novel Sounds, 2011, 12 tracks
2 x CD   

Double album by Arca with 1 CD of songs written during the creation fo a dance show based upon the famous 1982 football world cup game France vs West Germany, and 1 instrumental CD featuring the soundtrack of this dance show by choreographer Pierre Rigal. Mixed by John Mc Entire (Tortoise) in his studio in Chicago.

Arca - By

"On Ne Distinguait Plus les Têtes" with Arca

Ici d'Ailleurs... , 2007, 10 tracks

Turning point in Arca’s music : their ambient, organic avant-rock turns to songs with Chauveau’s vocals nearly all along the album. With lyrics in English by french artist Félicia Atkinson – and one by Andy Richards. Music by Joan Cambon and Sylvain Chauveau, with JP Isnardi (electric guitar), Woody Peguilhan (drums), Benoît Génot (viola). Where the band sounds like no one else.

Arca - On Ne Distinguait Plus les Têtes

"Angles" with Arca

Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier, 2003, 10 tracks

Second album by Arca, pushing further their instrumental avant-rock, with samples of Francis Bacon’s voice, Denis Robert, Sam Peckinpah’s “Straw Dogs” and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s “Kairo”. Music by Joan Cambon and Sylvain Chauveau, with Julien Brandwyk (drums), Géraldine Devillières (cello), Matthias Meier (clarinets) and Widy Marché (guitars). Includes a booklet with photos by Karine Fages.

Arca - Angles

"Cinématique" with Arca

Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier , 2001, 10 tracks
CD (out of print)

Debut work by Arca, the collaboration of Joan Cambon (programming, bass, sampler, keyboard, guitar) and Sylvain Chauveau (guitars, keyboard). Electronic and organic post-rock using loads of samples (Night Of The Hunter, Albert Camus, Stranger Than Paradise, Stalker, The Clash, La Jetée...).

Arca - Cinématique

"Something That Has Form and Something That Does Not"  with On

Type, 2010, 5 tracks

Improvised pieces by On featuring Steven Hess (percussion, electronics), Sylvain Chauveau (prepared guitar) and Stephen Fiehn (prepared guitar), then mixed by Christian Fennesz.

On - Second souffle

"Second Souffle" with On

Brocoli, 2007, 5 tracks

Full length album where the lowercase improvisations of Steven Hess (percussion, prepared piano) and Sylvain Chauveau (prepared guitar, piano) are transformed, processed and mixed by French composer Pierre-Yves Macé. Which immediately became Vital Weekly’s album of the week.

On - Second souffle

"Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Night" with On

Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Acier, 2004, 7 tracks

First album by the duo of Steven Hess (percussion) and Sylvain Chauveau (prepared guitar), recorded in Chicago. Their reductionist improv has been then reworked and mixed by Supersilent’s Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) in his studio in Oslo, and turned to grey, large monochromes of quiet sound.

On - Your naked ghost comes back at night

"La Musique en Mouvement Contraire" with 0

no label, 2011, 8 tracks

A live recording of 0 performing pieces by 0, Philip Glass, Rachel Grimes (Rachel's), Morton Feldman, and La Monte Young.

Ensemble 0 - Mary Ann's theme / Mouvement de neige

"Mary Ann's Theme / Mouvement de Neige" with 0

no label, 2008, 2 tracks

New musical direction for the french quartet : this self-released EP is a step towards more melodic and shorter pieces. Featuring a cover of a Morton Feldman piece, re-arranged by Joël Merah, and a composition by Maitane Sebastian. With Stéphane Garin (accordion, vibraphone, glockenspiel, organ), Maitane Sebastian (cello), Joël Merah (guitar, bugle) and Sylvain Chauveau (glockenspiel, piano).

Ensemble 0 - Mary Ann's theme / Mouvement de neige

"Music of Wheel" with 0

Creative Sources, 2007, 6 tracks

“Music of Wheel” is a written composition by 0’s Joël Merah for four performers (piano, cello, trombone & percussion, electric guitar). Dice throws by each musician during the piece wether allow him to go on with his score or make him mark a pause. Those chance operations make every version different from all the others, and the duration always changes (from 30 minutes to more than two hours). Three versions were recorded and 6 fragments were selected on this album. “Appealing music” - The Wire.

Ensemble 0 - Music of Wheel

“Passacaille” with 0

Idiosyncratics, 2007, 1 track

A ten minute piece composed by Joël Merah to download for free on : Maitane Sebastian (cello), Stéphane Garin (metals, glockenspiel), Joël Merah (prepared guitar), Sylvain Chauveau (electric guitar).

Ensemble 0 - Passacaille

"4'33''" with 0

Onement, 2006, 5 tracks
CDR  (out of print)

First ever record with 5 different versions of John Cage’s influential “4’33” performed in various venues (an empty house, a hill in the country, a cellar, a forest...) and respectful of the composer’s original score. As the musicians have not to play their instrument, this CD appeared as a collection of field recordings of places where the piece was performed, outdoor or indoor. Limited run of 100 copies, numbered by hand, out of print.

Ensemble 0 - 4'33''

"The Absence (Sometimes Repeated)" with Rainier Lericolais 

Brocoli, 2011, 2 tracks

The two tracks on The Absence were built from Sylvain vocal recording sessions for his album Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated)  (Type / 2010), Rainier added his delicate arrangements of piano, xylophone, cello and weird electronics, in a similar vein to his previous single, Intangible. Featuring Pierre-Yves Macé (piano, xylophone), David Sanson (piano), Lili Kim (vocals). Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

Roman anglais

"Roman Anglais" with Félicia Atkinson

O Rosa Records , 2008, 4 tracks
CD (out of print) 

Debut album by artist Félicia Atkinson: sweet, mesmerizing spoken words over loops of ambient guitars. Words by Félicia Atkinson, music by Sylvain Chauveau. Recorded in Paris and Montreal.

Roman anglais

Solo discography

Sylvain Chauveau made solo records on labels such as Type, FatCat, Nature Bliss, Creative Sources recordings, and Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier: minimal compositions for piano, strings, wind instruments,electronics, and sometimes voice. more